The Frames made it to VICELANDs - FUCK THATS DELICIOUS !!!




                      This shits crazy haha, last week I woke up to pictures in a text of Meyhem Lauren rockin' some frames on their Moroccan Adventures episode of Munchies FTD. I had him custom frames made and had given them to him at Chalice Festival last year, I have that forever respect for you Meyhem for reppin them on an Episode of FUCK THATS DELICIOUS, For anyone that knows me they know I fuck with Meyhem and Action Bronson heavy so this was too dope, that pure motivation... One of the main Reasons I kept runnin' with StayIrie was reasons like this, I wanted to see the people I respect and look up to reppin' frames.

Keep your IRIE EYEs on the Lookout for StayIrie in 2016!