Its frHIGHday the 13th and this is StayIrie's first ever BLOG Post

             Like the title says this is my First ever BLOG Post on any site, other then Instagram and just out hitting different events and meeting people, showing them frames and just trying to get them on the right people, there hasn't been a lot of marketing for the Brand. Over the last few months Ive really wanted to take what I started as a joke sitting on my couch to a Brand that is a Staple in the Eyewear Game, we will stand out and be an Original Brand... 

          About 2 and a half years ago I was sitting on a couch getting stoned with a close friend holding a blank pair of Sunglasses, somewhere through our sesh he threw the sunglasses on and I made a comment about keepin' his Irie Eyes shaded, I grabbed a sharpie and wrote StayIrie on the Arms and started playing with the idea of an Eyewear Brand focused mainly on Stoners and The Culture... The more I played around with it the more it turned into something. Where I really starting taking this serious was B Real over instagram telling me he'd rep the Frames... then it was Go Time

There will be weekly updates on here covering everything going on at StayIrie behind the scenes . Below is a picture of every frame Ive made since the start, the bagged frames are for some of your Favorite Stoners , and there is a lot more coming... Stay Tuned StayIrie