Happy GO SKATEBOARDING DAY from StayIrie Hopefully you can hit the Streets today for a Sesh...

              If your like Me, you Live and Breathed Skateboarding for a period of your life, you skated every single day rain or shine, always found a way to get a sesh in. that 100% Pure Skateboarder... In 2004 #GoSkateboardingDay was created, across the country there will be events going on all day, Focus Boardshop if your local to Southern California will be having an All Day event , if your in Vegas they'll be Skating from the Fashion Show Mall to the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, and a ton of other rad events going on around the world.
It was only right to Drop 2 New Frames on the Day. A New Top Shelf Frame and a Hybrid Skate Frame. So hopefully for you, if you don't get to get it in like you used to you can put your shit down today Roll One up , grab your board and get out and roll around at least for an Hr. Thats the SI Personal Service Announcement today haha